Woza, In 33 Seconds


This video explains what Woza Soccer is all about better than any webpage, catalog or presentation ever could. The footage was taken during a penalty shootout on Woza’s 2014 South Africa trip, when our travelers served as daily coaching staff at our partner soccer academy in Mutbatuba, South Africa. 



Our Mission

Open up.  Stretch the pitch.  Woza Soccer allows players to connect to people and parts of the world that, sadly, often seem too distant and different.  By opening minds to the connective power of the world's most popular sport, Woza stretches players' belief in themselves and their game. Indeed, the beauty, power and joy of the global game stretches across pitches, fields, stadiums and dusty lots between Boston and Bulawayo, Seattle and San Jose.   Our mission is to show this to as many soccer players as possible. 

In pursuit of this goal, we craft inspiring, impact-focused international soccer trips that expose players to the power of their game. We believe deeply in the safety of our trips, their accessibility to players from all economic backgrounds, and forming real, ethical partnerships with the incredible sport programs that open their doors to our groups. 

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A Little Background...

Woza Soccer is a Seattle-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was founded in 2013 by Chris Kaimmer, an American soccer player who has traveled the world with the game "always in my back pocket" and Sheldon Hughes, Chris’ close friend and the director of an inspiring soccer academy in the Zulu region of South Africa.  We led our first trip in July 2014 - a 3-week adventure to South Africa to train, coach and serve at Sheldon’s soccer academy, where "Woza!" is Zulu soccer slang for "Pass the ball!"

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The Experience

Every Woza trip consists of 12-15 teenage soccer players and 2 highly-trained adult leaders traveling to some of the most beautiful, soccer-loving places on Earth.  While there, we play lots of soccer, serve inspiring partner programs and immerse ourselves in the culture of our host community.  Our leaders, usually current or former college soccer players, are hand-picked for their love of the game and their experience playing/coaching, working with youth and traveling the world. 

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Soccer, Every Day

We play soccer every single day on our trips, though the daily dose is just as likely to come through a juggling competition with our safari guides as it is from a formal match with referees.  The game we love touches every aspect of a Woza trip, from our daily traditions of trick shot competitions and "Locker Room" ceremonies to lively friendlies with local players where we always mix teams.   


What's Next? 

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